Paul Pfeiffer – Peter Rostovsky – Maria Elena Gonzalez

Gallery Maze has the pleasure to present a collective exhibition that selects three artists from one of the most significant and interesting New York galleries: The Project.
Christian Haye, owner and director of The Project, poet and critic, anti-academic, began his galleries career by opting for multiethnic programming in a space in Harlem center, which he himself describes as the most narrative site of New York, in the sense that They all know what Harlem is, but it’s a sort of virtual place because nobody actually attends it.

In Italy, three artists are represented for the first time:

Paul Pfeiffer, thirty-four-year-old born in Hawaii, who grew up in the Philippines and wins the Whitney Biennale in 2000, will attend the next Venice Biennale. Pfeiffer is an artist working with a variety of media ranging from video to digital photography, from sculpture to design and installation. In all of its videos, it features historical events or movie clips in which the movie character is digitally removed. Pfeiffer focuses in this way on the relationship between image and character and the very idea of ​​man, re-proposing the dialectic between form and content.

On this occasion he presents his last work: a VIDEO SCULPTURE in which “protagonists” are elements of nature (sun-ocean) and in which the character is removed from the earth. The result is fascinating: the moving ocean defines, now the sunset, now dawn, and overrides the concepts of “below and above”.
Peter Rostowski, born in St. Petersburg in 1970, lives and works in New York, uses paintings and conceptual strategies in his works. He participated in the last edition of the Baltic Biennale.

It presents a work that is a great anamorphosis where a huge design is reflected on a cylinder, reproducing a mountain landscape. The artist is attracted to all the phenomena that come from us indirectly. It joins a kitsch iconography to propose a secular theme, that of the use of artwork, and the difficult role of the observer.
Maria Elena Gonzalez, an artist from Cuban origin, also lives and works in New York and investigates the possibilities of formal sculpture.
It presents a job that recreates the atmosphere of a party in which there are sculptures of pies all of different shapes and a building of champagne cups that have the exact dimensions of its breasts.